Dental X-Rays

Your Heath

  • Dental X-rays help with making a diagnosis, planning treatment or monitoring the health of your teeth.
  • They involve the use of ionising radiation (X-rays) to produce detailed images of teeth, gums and jaws.


  • Everyone receives ionising radiation every day from radioactivity in the air, food we eat and even from space.
  • The amount of radiation used for dental X-rays is similar to your everyday exposure over a few days, so the risks associated with them are very low for both adults and children.
  • The main benefit of the X-ray is making the correct diagnosis or plan, or ensuring your teeth are healthy, so you can get the treatment that’s right for you. The X-ray will have been approved by a specialist (usually your dentist) who has agreed that the benefit is far greater than the small risk from X-rays.

Our staff and equipment

  • Your Dentist is trained to take the best possible images using the lowest amount of radiation.
  • Equipment is regularly serviced to make sure your X-rays are safe and effective.

Your test

  • You will have your X-ray taken during your dental examination.
  • The Dentist will review and record your X- ray immediately and then explain the results to you.